First Things First

by Raven Willis

Welcome to my blog!

This is where, hopefully, you will learn tips and tricks to help save you a few bucks on legal fees.  My name is Raven and I am a lawyer practicing in the great state of Texas.  I practice mainly transactional types of law (i.e. contracts, business transactions, etc.), but I will try to cover a variety of legal topics.

It’s amazing how many legal questions I get from friends and family needing free legal advice.  So many people need answers to common general questions, but are too afraid (and cheap) to seek the counsel of a lawyer.  This is understandable since we lawyers can be ridiculously expensive.  So I thought, why not start a blog and impart onto you good people out there some of the educational training that I was fortunate enough to receive, and am still struggling to pay off!

What this blog is NOT, is a replacement for sound legal judgement that only an experienced lawyer can give you after assessing your individual situation.  What this blog IS, is an educational tool you can use to help understand when and what questions to ask your lawyer, and maybe provide a few resources you can turn to for additional information.  I’ll try to throw in a bit of humor, but honestly, I’m really not that funny, and the only person who is entertained by my dry jokes most of the time is me.  But I’ll do my best to try and keep it entertaining so you can slog through the entire article a bit easier.

So there it is!  I look forward to posting interesting, and educational articles on tips and tricks used in the legal arena.  Comments and suggestions are welcome!

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